• What is an API?

    API is short for Application Programming Interface. An API provides a means for one application to interact with another according to a set of rules. This set of rules can be found in the API documentation and describes how an application can interact with our exchange.

  • What is the intended use of the OTCPLAY API?

    The OTCPLAY API is designed to allow access to all the features of the OTCPLAY platform on the condition that it is used in compliance with our API Terms of Service. Users can use the API to create highly customised and advanced trading strategies on our platform. The API also allows users to create their own trading platform on top of our existing infrastructure. In the API documentation, you will find ways to retrieve or stream market data, retrieve or stream data particular to your account (such as your balances, order history, ...), as well as ways to place trading or funding orders. The intended scope of our API is such that it should be possible to rebuild almost the entire OTCPLAY platform on top of it according to custom specifications.

  • What makes our API special?

    • - The OTCPLAY API offers a full array of functions to interact with our platform allowing users to create a fully customisable experience in their interaction with our platform.
    • - Our API is designed around speed. Our goal is to provide our traders with the fastest access to the market. To achieve this, we only send required data, usually in the form of lists. To avoid network latency, WebSocket API users receive a data snapshot whenever a connection is opened and will need to update this initial data locally using the updates sent through the open channel.
    • - Our API is continuously updated to include our latest platform features.
    • - Our API officially supports Python, NodeJS, Ruby, and Golang and we have official libraries available for each of these languages. These can be found on our Open Source Libraries page.
  • Legal

    Any use of our API is subject to our API Terms of Service

    All API keys are used at your own risk and expense. We are not responsible for any negligence, error, compromised security, malfunction, cyber attack, or other force majeure affecting this environment. You hereby release us, hold us harmless and indemnify us from any and all damages, losses or claims associated with your use of this environment.