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Buy & Sell Crypto Security

We use best-in-class tools and practices like data analytics to maintain the highest level of security for our users and combat money lanundering and fraud.


OTCPLAY provides order books with the highest liquidity to allow users to easily exchange Bitcoin, Ethereum and many other affiliated digital assets in a minimal way.

No Fee

There are no fees when transacting with counterparties at the price and payment method you want on OTCPLAY.

Affiliate Auto Escrow

We automatically escrow the coins of our affiliated companies. So you can trade with confidence.

OTCPLAY Automapping

Auto mapping is provided only for company coins affiliated with us. When the buyer enters the quantity and price, they can purchase coins by automatically mapping the appropriate seller. Only we can do it.

Trusted platform anytime & anywhere

You can trade anytime and anywhere with the OTCPLAY app for iOS and Android. Stay connected, and gain instant access to the cryptoeconomy, in the palm of your hand.

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How it work

OTCPLAY is an instant tradable, peerable content block libray built on the Bore 1.0 Mainnet.

Step 1

OTCPLAY can be download as a free Android app or iOS for instant trading. Of course, you can also trade on the PC web and mobile web.

Step 2
Connect wallet

You can trade by running the app or the web, selecting the desired coin. Coins can also be purchased.

Step 3
Start trading

You can buy or sell, and we provied free escrow for safer transactions. You can also directly trade major coins(BTC, ETC, TRX, etc.)

Step 4
Earn money

When the 1:1 transaction is completed. you can use the ESCROW platform to receive the coin sale amount into your bankbook. Of course, you can also trade your own coins, so you can get paid.